Playlist 22.09.11

Bas Lexter Ensemble- La vida de los uruguayos
Curtis Mayfield- Give me your love
Raphael Saadiq- Good Man
Eddie Jefferson- So What
Hugo Blanco- Moliendo Cafe
Brian Setzer orch.- For Lisa
Keti Koulia- okeanos
See I- Haterz 24/74
Jahmiga- Porque te dub
Marios Tuna- Skanking in the deep
lykke li- follow rivers (magician mix)
Etta James- seven day fool (whiskey Barons)
Louie Austin- My Amy
Peter Nalitch- Guitar
Maraveyias- Pou na vrw mia na sou moiazei
Vis a vis- Obi Agye Dofo
Dengue Fever- Tiger phone card
Lou Bega- the trumpet
Roots- now or never
Tito and tarantula- After dark
Booket T and the Mgs- Green onions
Chinese Man - Get up
Medeski Martin and Wood- Where's the music
Adele- Lovesong
Madjo - Leaving my heart
Jun Miyake- Lillies in the valley

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