Raphael Saadiq- It's a shame

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Quantic and his full live band, the Combo Bárbaro, are touring June-July, including a Barbican headline, a Sunday night Glastonbury set (to be filmed for BBC TV’s main festival coverage), and Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide festival among others.


June 25 - Caracol, Madrid, Spain; June 26 - Esperanzah Festival, Barcelona, Spain;
June 27 - West Holts Stage, Glastonbury Festival; July 2 - Fete du Travailleur Catalan, France;
July 3 - Mostly Jazz Festival, Birmingham; July 4 – Lisbon, Portugal;
July 5 – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham; July 9 - Lounge on the Farm Festival, Canterbury;
July 10 - Worldwide Festival, France; July 11 - Festival Beete de Scenes, France;
July 15 - Cartagena, Spain; July 16 - Detours du Monde, France;
July 17 - Copacabaret, Paris, France


Label Love 001

1. Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno - Dog With A Rope 03:13
Taken from the album ‘Dog With A Rope’
Released July 2010 on Tru Thoughts
Published by Full Thought Publishing
2. Kako & Orchestra, Vocals by Azuquita - Shingaling Shingaling 04:32
Taken from 'Live It Up'
Released May 2010 by Fania
Published by Catalogue Music
3. Shawn Lee and Bing Ji Ling - Who Are You 03:18
Taken from the album "Sing A Song"
Released July 2010 by Ubiquity Recordings
Published by B3 Vibes/ASCAP, Ubiquitunes/BMI
4. Paul White - Ancient Treasure 01:53
Taken from the album Paul White & The Purple Brain
Released June 2010 by Now Again
Publishing: Paul White & S.T. Mikael
5. Shafiq Husayn feat. Bilal - Cheeba (Nottz Remix) 04:08
Taken from ‘En’-A-Free-Ka' 12”
Released in 2010 by Plug Research
Published by Ruff Edge Music BMI
6. Ancient Astronauts - Put Em Up 04:12
Taken from 'Put Em Up' EP
Released 2010 by ESL
Published by: Bug Music, Edition Oneminded Soul
7. Mophono's Halftone Society - Bumps 03:02
Taken from "The Sinicism" EP
Released 2010 by Bastard Jazz
Published by Taking Brooklyn Music (ASCAP)
8. Belleruche - 56% Proof 04:29
Taken from the ‘Liberty’ EP
Released March 2010 on Tru Thoughts
Published by Full Thought Publishing
9. Nickodemus - 2 Sips and Magic (Second Sky / Thomas Blondet Remix) 04:37
Taken from “The Sound Of Rhythm and Culture”
Released 2010 by ESL
Published By Flick Flack Publishing ASCAP/ Administered by Bug Music/Windswept
10.Markolino Dimond con Frankie Dante - Sabroson 04:26
taken from the album 'Beethoven’s V'
Released May 2010 by Fania
Publisher: Fania Music (BMI)
11.DJ Center - Center's Groove (Captain Planet Remix) 03:52
Taken from the 'Center's Groove' 7"
Released July 2010 by Bastard Jazz
Published by Push The Fader (BMI) & Taking Brooklyn Music (ASCAP)
12.Dimlite - Can't Get Used To Those (Afterlude) 01:30
Taken from the album 'Prismic Tops'
Released May 2010 by Now Again
Published by D. Grimm
13.Twilight - Dance With Me 03:58
Taken from the album 'Pains of Love'
Released May 2010 by Luv N'Haight / Ubiquity Records
Published by: L. Ross, Double Star Music / Ubiquitunes, BM
14.Quadron - Average Fruit 04:26
Taken from ‘Quadron’
Released March 2010 by Plug Research

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Playlist 23.06.10

Maria Nazionale- Ragione  e Sentimento
Diesler feat. Stee Downes- south side morning
Fun Lovin Crimininals- Love unlimited
Michael Jackson - Rock with you
Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. Unlimited - Do It Nice And Easy
3 Titans- The life of a scholar
Cal Tjader- Evil ways
Aloe Blacc- I need a dollar
Mulatu & Heliocentrics- Cha cha
Jimi Tenor and Tony Allen- Selfish Gene
Curtis Mayfield- Pusherman
Betty LaVette- Just dropped in to see what condition ..
Buscemi- Dream Catcher
Ska Cubano - Soy Campesino
Smoove & Turrell- Latin Groove
Harlem Bus Stop- Watermelon Man
Ray camacho & the teardrops - she's so good to me
Fats Domino- Oh when the saints go marching in
Celso Pina - Cumbia sobre el Rio
Speak Low- Thriller
Willie Bobo- Guajira
Bibi Tanga- Red red Wine
Joseph Leon- Forever Cold
Ben Harper- Excuse me mister

Michael Jackson

Αυτή την Παρασκευή, ένα χρόνο μετά τον θάνατο του Michael Jackson,
στην εκπομπή μιλούν για τον καλλιτέχνη και το έργο που άφησε οι
Γιάννης Πετρίδης, Θοδωρής Κουτσογιαννόπουλος ,
Μόνικα, Κ.Βήτα,
Σταύρος Θεοδωράκης, Χρήστος Σωτηρακόπουλος,
Βασίλης Παπακωνσταντίνου, Βασίλης Μαζωμένος
και στο τέλος της εκπομπής μας λέει και την γνώμη της μία 6χρονη fan.!


Aloe Blacc- Good Things

Πολύ παράξενη μου φαίνεται όλη αυτή η ιστορία με το αλμπουμ του Αλοε Μπλακ, Γκουντ θινγκς. Από τη μία η εταιρία stonesthrow ανακοινώνει οτι ο δίσκος δεν έχει ολοκληρωθεί, από την άλλη, έχει (φυσικά..) διαρρεύσει ήδη στο διαδίκτυο. Βέβαια τα λινκς "σβήνονται" με ταχύτητα φωτός μετά από παράπονα της εταιρίας, αλλά κάθε μέρα εμφανίζονται και άλλα. Πάντως το αλμπουμ, (αυτό τελος πάντων που έχει διαρρεύσει μέχρι στιγμής),  είναι αρκετά καλό.

Playlist 18 Jun '10

Healer Selecta - Cuban Project
Black Joe Lewis- I'm Broke
Breakstra- Come on over
Sharon Jones and the dap kings- Mama don't like my man
Knaan - America
Aloe Blacc - I need a dollar
Gift of Gab- El gifto magnifico
Bronx river parkway- El Resbalon
Phuture Motion- La lluvia
Smove and Turrell- Latin Groove
Herbie Mann - Muscle schools nitty gritty
Galt Macdermot- Let the sunshine
Dub Pistols- You'll never find
Yves larock- Rise up
Clint Eastwood - Stop that train
Amsterdam Klezmer Band- Sadagora Hot dub
Speech Debelle- Spinnin
Rakim- Holy r u
Winston Macnuff- Ras child
Nina Zilli - 50 Mile
Ornella Vanoni - Bang Bang
Jehro- Continuando
In Grid- Tenacion al hombre
Quantic- Wandering Star


playlist 17 Jun '10

Tape Five- Pantaloons
Rozalia de Souza- Luiza Manequin
Piper - Downtown (gabin Mix)
Jacqueline Taieb- 7th du matin
Eli Papaerboy Reed- Come and Get it
Nina izlli - l'uomo che amava le donne
Diedre Wilson Tabac - Get back
Balkan Beat Box- Dancing with the moon
Buscemi- Dream cathcer
Gotan Project- Mill Milolones
Dawn Penn - u don't love me nononono
Easy star All stars- No surprises
Gabin- Lost and found
Aloe Blacc - Miss Fortune
Da wiesel- I'm gonna give it to you
Sharam - She came along
Yes King - One of these days
Marion Black- who knows
Queen- Nothing really matter (Bohemian Rhapsody - Blackjoy edit)
Dj Cam - Love
Touch and go- Tango in Harlem
Phuture Motion- La lluvia
Norman Cook ft  lateef the truth speaker-shelter
Ost Color Purple- Miss Celies Blues
Bellruche- Northern Girls


playlist 14 Jun '10

Phututre Motion - La lluvia
Gotan Project- Rayuela
Stee Downes - Asunder
Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger- Light my Fire
Andrew  Bird - Imitosis
The New Seekers- I'd love to teach ..
Raphael Guallazzi, Gilles Peterson- Reality and Fantasy
Athina Routsi - Heirokrotima
Maria Nazionale- Ragione e sentimento
La Caravane Passse - Zin Zin Moreto
Louie Austen - My amy
Papi Brandao- Bilongo
Killer funk All stars- Going back to my boots
Skeletons- Positive Force
Lettuce- Move on Up
Lady Daisey- Soul Strut
Niki & Rich - Next best thing
Belleruche- 56% proof
Petula Clark- Petite Fleur
Taxi- Black and Blue
Melody Gardot- Who will comfort
Dianne Krall - Day in Day out
Jaqee- Moon shine
Diesler- South side morning
Hues Corporation- Rock the boat
Eli Paperboy Reed- Come and get it
Dianne Reeves- Today will be a good day.


Raphael Guallazi / Gilles Peterson - Reality & Fantasy

Sorry για τις απουσίες, αλλά μερικά πράγματα είναι πάνω από τις δυνάμεις μας... Το τελευταίο "μουσικό κόλλημα" είναι το τραγούδι που πόσταρα στο ξεκίνημα του μπλογκ Reality and Fantasy Ακούστε  και αν σας αρέσει κατεβάστετο εδώ


playlist 08.06.10

Shirley Bassey And Away Team - Where do I begin
Gilles Peterson, Raphael Guallazzi- Reality and Fantasy
Richard Harris- Mac arthur park
Jamie Lidell - Multiply
Simply Red - Sunrise
Soweto String Quartet- Summertime
Ben l'oncle- Seven nation army
Sharon Jones- Just dropped in
Lee Fields - stand up
Peter Josh- Johnny B goode
Winston Mcnuff- Ras child
Rose Royce- wishing on a star
Don Adams- rest my soul
Smokey Bandits- A sons lament
Spy f and the Zakula- Zakula
Vis a Vis- Obi Agye Me Dofo
The cure- Love cats
Don Cavalli- Here sat I
La cumbia moderna de soledad- Crees que soy sexy
Phuture motion- Bolero
Wyclef Jean- Guantanamera
Shawn Lee's Ping pong orch.- Punjabi Lullaby
Clarence Carter - Looking for a fox
Roy Hargrove Quintet- Bring it on home to me
Dessa - Alibi


άκουσα σήμερα την Αφροδίτη Σημίτη στον Μπεστ  να εύχεται στους Γιαννούτσο-Βαμβακάρη καλή επιτυχία στον Ρεντ, (...και καλή επιστροφή)...  αν δεν είναι αυτό πολιτισμός τότε τι είναι?


playlist 07.06.10

Phuture Motion - Bolero
Jimmy Tenor Tony Allen- Selfish Gene
Kylie Auldist- What's the cost
Jay Z, Alicia Keys- Empire State of Mind
Blakroc- What you do to me
Blend - Smoke
Eli Paperboy Reed - Come and Get it
Generationals - When they fight they fight
Style council - Me ship came in
Wanda Jackson- You Know that I'm no Good
Sly and the Family Stone -In time
Manu Chao - Politik Kills
Souljazz Orchestra- Negus Negast
James Yuill- This Sweet Love
Diesler- South Side Morning
Lady Daisey- Soul Strut
Jaqee- Land of the free
Fantastikoi Hxoi- mh fevgeis
Sergio Mendes- You and I
Pama International- Equality and Justice for all
Jam Nation- She moved through the fair
Caravane Passe- Perdu Ta langue
Vic Dana - I'll wait
Nose- You have to dance


Playlist 02-06-10

Richard Cheese- Don't cha
Marc Cohen- Walking in Memphis
Paolo Nutini- Candy
Beirut- Nantes
Hipsway- Ask the Lord
Ian Brown- In the year 2525
Holy Golightly- There is an end
Various- Perfect Day
3 Titans- Life of a Scholar
Madlib- Slims Return
Gabin- Life can be beautiful
Dianne and Carole- The fuzz
Toma - Facile
Gramophonedzie-why dont you
Caro Emerald- A night Like this
Lynne Anderson - Rose Garden
Dessa - Alibi
James Brown- King Heroin
Psapp- Everybody wants to be a cat
Caravane Passe- Perdu ta langue
Bonobo- Nightlife
Speech Debelle- Buddy love
Noonday- Go it alone
Cours Lapin- cours lapin
Tape five- A Bossa Love
Roy Ayers- Brother Louie
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble- Sankofa