Daft Punk - get lucky
Surhan- watching the world
Diana Supreme- my world is empty without you
La yegros- viene de mi captain planet mix
Mexican Institute of sounds- mexico
victor Deme- Djon Maya synapson mix
Myron and E- if I gave you my love
Hugh Laurie- kiss of fire
Ella Fidgerald- too darn hot rac mix
Dj Oli Garch - Summertime
Alborosie/ Nina Zilli- Goodbye
Kareem- le vent nous portera
Milky Chance- stolen dance flic flac edit
Rolling Stones- lets spend the night together
Dirty fuse- sunset beach
allah las- tell me whats on your mind
Asaf Avidan- one day reckoning song
Chinese Man- Washington square
Monica- choral love
Ondatropica- cumbia especial
Saori Yuki- melody for a new dawn
Ludovico Einaudi- walk
Cool Collective- scuzzy skunk
The xx- intro long version


Playlist 18.7.13

Grupo Canalon de Timbiqui - La Juana
John Mayal-The Laws Must Change (The Empire Fantastic Remix)
Electro Swing Orchestra- Clint Eastwood
Dub Kweli - your gospel
Arlean Brown- I'm a streaker baby
Courtney John and Ticklah- born to dub
Charles Bradley - heart of gold
Shawn Lee- Somebody like you loopez mix
Gulf Aid All Stars- It ain't my fault nickodemus mix
bo baral - no time to wallow in the myrrh
Alice Russel- brown sugar
Thievery corporation mash up- mister T
Lonnie Mac- Why
Milky Chance- Stolen dance flic flac edit
Fauve- Blizzard
Talya Ferro- Cuando caliente el sol
Fat Freddy's drop- Russia
Q function- the night came
Souleance - L'Insouleance
Marvin Gaye -Trouble man
Sly and Robbie- inner city blues
Malted Milk- the soul of a woman
Ken Boothe- speak softly love
Arat Kilo -babur part 1 (s.mos remix)
Ella fitzgerald - too darn hot rac mix
Jamie Cullum when i get famous


Playlist 17.7.13

Jamie Cullum- When I get famous
Brandy Butler- Gin and tonic
Fleetwood Mac- the chain
kinks- a well respected man
Cromatica Pistona- Apaga la luz
Pat les stache- Funk Suprema
Stigmato- la maison de la trompete
Myron & E- If I gave you my love
Slim Moore - is it because I'm black
Major Lazer- Jessica
The national fanfare of kadebostany- La saeta
Nick Cave- I'm your man
Allez Allez- Africa queen
Frenic- alright
Homeboy Sandman- peace and love
Frank Beverly & the Butlers-Pain Goes Deep (Shoes Slow Soul Flow Edit)
Hugo Kant- this old tune
Pedigree cuts- pulp fever
Flowering Inferno - No Soy Del Valle (Nickodemus & Zeb Remix)
Quadro Nuevo- tango gosselin
Louis Armstrong- Otchi tchor Ni ya
Boojoo Bajou- Under my sensi