Playlist 17.7.13

Jamie Cullum- When I get famous
Brandy Butler- Gin and tonic
Fleetwood Mac- the chain
kinks- a well respected man
Cromatica Pistona- Apaga la luz
Pat les stache- Funk Suprema
Stigmato- la maison de la trompete
Myron & E- If I gave you my love
Slim Moore - is it because I'm black
Major Lazer- Jessica
The national fanfare of kadebostany- La saeta
Nick Cave- I'm your man
Allez Allez- Africa queen
Frenic- alright
Homeboy Sandman- peace and love
Frank Beverly & the Butlers-Pain Goes Deep (Shoes Slow Soul Flow Edit)
Hugo Kant- this old tune
Pedigree cuts- pulp fever
Flowering Inferno - No Soy Del Valle (Nickodemus & Zeb Remix)
Quadro Nuevo- tango gosselin
Louis Armstrong- Otchi tchor Ni ya
Boojoo Bajou- Under my sensi

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