Playlist 13.12.12

Thievery corporation- facing east
Awa Adounia - Terakaft - Kel Tamasheq (4:45)

Bibi Tanga & The Selenites - My Heart Is Jumping (Captain Planet Remix) (3:41)
bo diddley - before you accuse me (3:54)
Nick Waterhouse- say I wanna know
Richard Cheese – jingle bells

Wyclef Jean - Sang Fezi (4:02)
Boogie Belgique - Blueberry Hill (3:18)
The Soul Brothers Inc - Bimbo King (Kill Emil Re-Edit) (2:40)
James Brown - Blues For My Baby (3:00)
Gang Starr vs Gramatik vs DJ Topcat - Dungeon Discipline (4:16)
George Jackson - Find 'em, Fool 'em and Forget 'em (scratchandsniff re-rub) (3:58)
tropicalifornia - dj nu mark- quantic (4:23)
Bas Lexter Ensample - No Te Meta (3:36)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Hey Ya [Outkast] (4:28)
Panama Cardoon - Joshua (3:27)
Tom Robinson Band - Power In The Darkness (4:52)
Adriano Celentano - Svalutation (3:04)
Dean Martin- that’s amore

John forte and firehorse - your travelling light (5:10)
hannah williams - work it out (3:57)
The Black Keys - The Only One (5:00)
Phil Woods & Iordanis Tsomidis - Greek Cooking (5:04)
Screaming Jay Hawkins-Heart Attack And Vine (4:26)

Bill Fay - Screams In the Ears (2:50)
Parov Stelar - The Princess (3:04)


Playlist 3.10.12

Lester Sterling - Skaramont
Spanky Wilson- the sunshine of your love
Esther Philips- Try me
serge gainsbourg- negusa nagast
madjo- leaving my heart
janis joplin - to love somebody
The roots- I remember
Black Keys - the only one
The Gaslamp killer - nissim
Shakespears- Summertime
Norah Jones- Chasing pirates
Urbs- the incident
Marlena Shaw- Liberation Converssation
Hannah Williams- work it out
Kid Cudi- She came along
Nneka- Heartbeat (J.Period Remix) f. Talib Kweli)
12 bit blues- 2 bit blues
Otis Rush- I cant quit you baby
Monetrik- blues soup
Ojos De Brujo - Ventilator R-80 (Makala Remix)
Crystal Gale- don't it make my brown eyes blue
Tim Maia- Ela partu
I got you on tape- somersault
Unkle - in a state
Chromatics - into the black
Danger mouse , Jack White- two against one
Edith Piaf- Je ne regrette rien
Etta James- I'd rather go blind prince of ballard mix
Clint Stacy- work song
Eskew Reader- undivided love
Gary Atkinson - wanderin soul

Playlist 10.10.12

Arleta -The Bar The Wreck(ikebe Shakedown Mashup)
Mick Harvey- out of time man
Bonobo- the keeper
Dj Lengua- perdido
Salena Jones -Summertime (Mark Wayward Edit)
D.R. Hooker- forge your own chains
los pasteles verdes- esclavo y amo
Esther Philips- try me
Aldo Vanucci- What Happened
Candy Staton- He called me baby
George Jackson- find em fool em forget em (scratchandsniff re-rub)
Al Wilson- Brother where r u
Kill Emil- the candy
Dusty- Son of a preacher man (holtoug)
Dj Nu Mark & quantic- tropicalifornia
John Barry- theme from the persuaders
Web- Same old me
Imam Baildi- poso lypamai
Frenic- Money ain't no woman
Cafe Latino- you got to change
Jay And Cathys Clowns - The Bottle
D. Krall- I'm a little mixed up
Ken Boothe- who gets your love
Cat Power- Sea of love
Dave Apollon- Meadowland
Five alarm Funk- Crimes of Passion
Guess Who - These eyes
Tarantella- Esqueletos


Playlist 20.9.2012

Ken Boothe- Set me free
Parov Stelar- wake up sister
Nils Jazz Ensemble- Hard Work
Bobby Womack- Stupid
Cayetano- Russian Soldier
Simon and Garfunkel- sound of silence (live central park)
Greyhound- Move on up
Us3- Lie cheat and steal
Visioneers- Ike's mood
Black Keys- the only one
Fred Williams and the jewels band- Tell her
Winston Mcanuff- Raschild
Brother Ali- Uncle Sam Goddamn
Blend- Smoke
Galt MacDermot, Gerome Ragni, James Rado - Aquarius
Madrugada- Whats on your mind
Supremes- Cant take my eyes off of you
Palov and Panama Cardoon- Popcorn
Ondatropica- Suena
Rl Burnside- its bad you know
Dave Apollon-Meadowland
Ben E King-stand by me (Suonho soul beat edit)
Los Pasteles Verdes- Esclavo y amo
Mac Davis- A little less conversation
Al Kooper- Can't keep from crying
John Grant- I wanna go to marz
Dj Day - four hills


Playlist 19.9.12

Trio Valore - Rehab
Al Green - Piece Of Mine (Jayl Funk edit)
The soul Jazz orchestra - Jericho
Skints- Up against the wall
Panama Cardoon- Candela
Los Angeles Negros-Como Quisiera Decirte
Snoop dog- Gangsta Rookie
Ondatropica- Cumbia Especial
Mexicali Brass- El Choclo
Diedre Wilson Tabac- Get back
Gramatik- Muy Tranquilo
Dusty Springfield- son of a preacher man(Holtoug Bootleg)
Mario Biondi- I can't keep from crying sometimes (walk in blues part2)
PerCusSive Jazz-The Man With The Golden Arm
Fats Domino- Blueberry hill
Soul Shakers- you ain't my brother
KOJATO & The Afro Latin Cougaritas - LIKE A GYPSY - SMOOVE Remix
Motown Flies Jamaica- Diana and King Storm- love hangover
George Jackson- Find em fool em forget em scratchnsniff mix
Auditors Domination- Viejos Amigos
Lee Fields- FAithful man
Moody Blues- simple games
The Q4- going down
Alice Russel-Brown sugar
Vic Dana- I will wait for you
Tim Maia- Ela Partu
Shogun orchestra- Bamako
Chinese man- washington square
Cafe Latino- God knows your evil knows


ΣΤΟΝ PEPPER 96.6 H ΛΙΑΝΑ ΜΑΣΤΑΘΗ Τρίτη, 04 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2012 08:55 Την 1η Αυγούστου ήταν που έφυγε από τον Εν Λευκώ 87.7 η Λιάνα Μαστάθη. Η νέα ραδιοφωνική σαιζόν όμως δεν θα την βρει άστεγη αφού εντάχθηκε στο δυναμικό του Pepper 96.6. Ένα ακόμα καινούργιο πρόσωπο στον διαρκώς ανερχόμενο ραδιοσταθμό που διευθύνει ο Γιώργος Μουχταρίδης. Και θα ακολουθήσουν και κάποια ακόμα. To νέο πρόγραμμα του Pepper 96.6 ξεκινάει τις αμέσως επόμενες ημέρες και βασικό του χαρακτηριστικό (θα) είναι οι δίωρες, πλέον, εκπομπές του. Σημειωτέον, οι παλιοί του παραγωγοί θα συμμετέχουν όλοι ανεξαιρέτως στο καινούργιο πρόγραμμα.



1. Skeewiff - Brutha Noah (3:25)

2. Ojos De Brujo - Ventilator R-80 (Makala Remix) (3:31)

3. Hollie Cook - Milk And Honey (3:38)

4. AM & Shawn Lee - Somebody Like You (3:53)

5. Dead Man's Bones - Lose Your Soul (4:35)

6. electric guest - eyes without a face (acoustic billy idol cover) (3:13)

7. j melik - cyclothymic chick (3:56)

8. Visioneers - Apache (Battle Dub) (4:30)

9. The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again (3:14)

10. dengue fever - tiger phone card (3:37)

11. pedigree cuts - mojo hands (chrispop's got the love rework) (3:34)

12. The Devil Makes Three - Old Number Seven (3:20)

13. Rose Mitchell - Baby, Please Don't Go (2:22)

14. The Skints - Up Against The Wall (4:19)

15. Brother Bones & his Shadows - Brother Bones & his Shadows - Sweet Georgia Brown - Skeewiff Remix (3:40)

16. Timewarp Music - Niles Philips - Ill At Ease feat. Tonkin (AUditors DOmination remix) (4:03)

17. Frenic - Things Get Better (2:50)

18. Lovechild - Into The Right Direction (4:27)

19. Monetrik - Blues Soup (4:04)

20. dj oil feat gift of gab - BLACK NOTES (2:57)

21. Buscemi - Olenoko Feat. Mr P (3:42)

22. Eskew Reeder - Undivided Love (suonho Soul Stomp Edit) (3:38)

23. Panama Cardoon - Joshua MASTERED (3:27)

24. Renaldo Domino - Not Too Cool To Cry (3:20)

25. Ken Boothe - Set Me Free (7:05)

26. Guts - Brand New Revolution (4:53)

27. Membrains! - Le Jardin Full Mix (3:05)


Label Love Vol. 4 - free download

01. quantic & alice russell with the combo barbaro - here again - (tru thoughts recordings) 04:06
02. charles bradley - the world (is going up in flames) - (daptone records) 03:22
03. witch - strange dream - (now again records) 03:17
04. jed and lucia - spins against the wall - (ubiquity records) 04:43
05. vindahl - head over heels feat. coco (chamade beat rework) - (tokyo dawn records) 03:47
06. mathias stubø - back into my life - (bbe music) 05:19
07. colonel red - rain a fall (falq 1979 remix) - (tokyo dawn records) 05:28
08. monophonics - there’s a riot going on - (ubiquity records) 03:54
09. onra - keep on loving me - (all city records) 04:20
10. gilles peterson's havana cultura band - orisa feat. dreiser & sexto sentido (alex patchwork remix) - (brownswood recordings) 04:22
11. boddhi satva - nankoumandjan feat. mangala camara - (bbe music) 07:07
12. jameszoo - brudrim - (kindred spirits) 04:48
13. dotmatic - open (ft. lp aka lisa preston) - (record breakin') 04:01
14. gang colours - on compton bay - (brownswood recordings) 03:57
15. belleruche - wasted time (ross pth mix) - (tru thoughts recordings) 06:23
16. knxwledge - fade - (all city records) 02:58
17. columbia nights - in the glow (record breakin') 03:03
free download


Απο το playlist και για free download!

Playlist 31.5.2012

Nick Waterhouse- I can only give you everything
Bill Thomas and the fendells-southern fried chicken
Adriano Celentano- Svalutation
Souleance- Automatico
Steve Miller Band- Jet Airliner
Roomfool of blues- big mamou
Gramatik- Breakloose
Kill Emil - You know why
Bo Keys- coming home
Terry Jacks - if you go away
George Gaudy- millionaire
Shawn Lee - kiss the sky
Catalist- Everybody's Gotta Live
Bibi Tanga- My heart is jumpin
Noze- fever bootleg
Quantic- dog with a rope
Funkdoobiest- lost in thought
phyllis dillon- perfidia (daytoner)
Madness- must be love
Nick Cave - somethings gotten hold of my heart
Scissor sisters- take me out
Pimps of joytime- blues wit you
mighty panther- big bamboo
Mr. Konfuze- sensational
Brenda Butler The Fonxionaires-Gin Tonic
Ry Cooder- chinito
Los Mocosos- senor president
Divine comedy- becoming like alfie


Playlist 30.5.2012

The chimes- still haven't found
Lee Fields- Faithfull man
Soul Snatchers - Who I am
Katalyt- night and day
Dandy Livingstone- message to rudy
Al Wilson- Brother where are you
Fire Eaters- Move over
Etta James- I'd rather go blind prince of ballard mix
Shogun Orchestra- Bamako
De la soul- eye know
Fat freddy's drop- the raft
Dedy Dread- Psychedelic cloud
Quantic- su suzy
Guts- and the leaving is easy
Los souls- oye como va
Don Air- besame mucho
Skeewiff- Brutha Noah
Rob- I've got to see you
Thievery Corporation- culture of fear
Snoop dog- Shiznit
Michael kiwanuka- home again
Lenny Kravitz- if you cant say no
Yppah- Gumball machine
Electric Guest- American daydream
Kinks- a well respected man
Joan Osbourne- what if god
Rufus Wainwright- out of the game
Theophilus Beckford- Georgie and the old shoe
Tom Jones- Just dropped in


Playlist 08.05.12

Herbie Mann - Muscle Shools Nitty Gritty
Soul Snatchers- Who I am
Arleta - The bar the wreck(Ikebe Shakedown mashup)
5nizza-Ja Soldat dunkelbunt Remix
Al Green- Free at last
Mastalski - happy
Shimi Tavori- Remember
Theophilus London-Big Spender
Quasamodo and the Q Orchestra - Bollywood Man
Bibi Tanga and the Selenites- Do what you wanna do
Buckwheat Zydeco- I'm on the wonder
Electric guest- eyes without a face
Kavinsky- Night call
Kill Emil- you know why
Medeski Martin and Wood- Lets go everywhere
Lee Stevens and The Beautiful People-Ridin High
Shoes- Love and happiness
ProleteR- Misfit song
Theophilus Beckford- Georgie and the old shoe
Cathy Barnes - off
Oku Onuora E Karina Buhr-Leha Dodi
Tommy Guerrero- run with the hunted
Etta James- i'd rather go blind, prince of Ballard
James Brown- king Heroin
Shaolin Afronauts- Shaolin theme
Romanowski - Strudel Fruit
Crystal Castles- not in love


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Playlist 27.4.2012

Dr. John- Big Shot
Dogo Argentino- Senses (valique mix)
Anthony Joseph and the Spasm Band- She is the sea
Sidney,George and Jackie - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Clint Stacy- Work Song
Hipsway- The Honeythief
The Roots- I will not apologize
Don Air- Besame mucho
Cuban Jazz Combo- Long train runnin
Kojato - Gipsy man
Black Seeds- Wide open
Etta James- I'd rather go blind (prince of Ballard mix)
The soul rebels- sweet dreams
Mr. Day- Forgotten Realms
Alborosie feat. Amy Winehouse- Sweet guitar mix
Greyhound- Move on up
Howard Jones- What is love
Parov Stelar- Matilda
Johnny Farmer- Death letter
Rose Mitchell- Baby pls dont go
India- Si tu eres mi hobre
Tim Maia- Ela partiu
Dojo Cuts- Lift me up
Mister Modo and ugly mc beer- mister dynamite
Bill Thomas- Southern fried chicken
Marcus Miller- Higher ground


Playlist 6 April 2012

us3- lie cheat and steal
the roots- the otherside
Quantic & Alice Russel- Su suzy
Selena vs Bronco-Adoro Una Vez (Mexican Dubwiser Mashup)
The Bongolian - Heyla
Count Skylarkin & Harvey K-Tel - Dub Of A Preacherman
Visioneerss-Ikes Mood I
the soulshakers- you ain't my brother
Chinese man - washington square
Gary Atkinson- wandering soul
o povo canta-o telefone tocou novamente
Oku Onuora E Karina Buhr-Leha Dodi
Blue Oyster Cult- Don't fear the ripper
Gary Clark Jr.- When my train pulls in
Aaron Neville- I know I've been changed
Etta-James-Id rather go blind prince of ballard
Monophonics- bang bang
Katerine- moustache
Idra Kayne- don't walk away
Rachid Taha- ya rayah
Panama Cardoon- Moliendo cafe
Boom Pa- Alakazam
Who made who - keep me in my plane
Am and Shawn Lee-somebody like you
Black seeds- settle down


playlist 19.3.2012

ProleteR - Faidherbe square
chinese man-racing with the sun remix by deluxe
Rose Mitchell- Baby pleaso don't go
billboard selector -souare
Anthony Joseph and the spam band- she is the sea
Carol Cool- upside down
the electric sideshow soundsystem - give me your number
Bost and Bim- Pimp
Am and Shawn Lee- Promises are never far from lies(thievery mix)
Daft Punk- veridis quo
Dj Vadim- soldier
Soon e mc- elucider ce mystere
Dedy dread- psychedelic cloud
Slim Moore and tha mar keys- steppin all over me
Quasamodo and the Q orch.- bollywood man
soul session-Struggles & Blessings (Mo'Horizons Shortstyle Mix)
hawa- dance
Ben l'oncle soul- seven nation army
Lino Cannavacciuolo-Altalena
Gabriel Sullivan & Taraf de Tucson - The Rust, The Knife
Holly Golightly- there is an end
Manjah- my dub is empty
Gary Atkinson- Wanderin soul
us 3- who am i?
John Forte and ValerieccJune-Give me Water


Playlist 8.3.2012

Eric Burdon- Woman of the rings
Dianne Reeves- endangered species
Jools Holland- I put a spell on you
Us3- Lie cheat and steal
Kojato and the afro latin cougaritas- Everywhere you go now Kuti
Femi Kuti- you better ask yourself- bost and bim
Mary J Blige- one
Dj Day- Four Hills
Delta Moon- Goin down south
Matumbi- Law of the land
Gary Atkinson- Wandering soul
The the- this is the day
The roots- the other side
DFunk- light my fire
James Blake - Limit to your love db edit
Prince Fatty- Little roy
Ernest Ranglin- stop that train
Diana Supreme- my world is empty
Everlast- what its like
Bronx River Parkway- mi corazon
Doors- Love street
Dire Straits - your latest trick
Joe Higgs - let us do something
Lee Fields- money is king
5nizza- Ja soldat
Rasputins stash- mr. cool
Budos Band- Golden dunes
Blue square- tic toc


Playlist 28.2.2012

Nick Pride and the pimptones-Hug Lorenzo (Daytoner Rmx)
Nina Simone- Ain't Got No, I Got Life
Ian and the Zodiacs- Ain't necessarily so
J.J. Cale- After midnight
Monsieur minimal- Love story
Dimitris from paris- toujours l'amore
Gerard Lenorman- Michelle
Lyn Christopher- Take me with you
Manos Hadjidakis- i parthena tis geitonias
The soul Session- Light my fire
Katalyst- he is society
Dafuniks- typical guy
medeski, scofield, martin & wood- Little Walter Rides Again
Bruce Springsteen- Walking in Memphis
Ronnie Spector- there is an end
Herman Dune- My home is nowhere..
The Roots/Bilal- the other side
Ken Boothe- set me free
Solomon Burke- proud mary
Chinese Man - Washington square
Madleen Kane- You and I
Soul BrotherInc.- Bimbo king, kill emil re-edit
Jack Penate- body down
40 Thieves feat. Qzen - Don't Turn It Off
The Bongolian- Heyla
Engelbert Humperdinck - Stay
Willy Moon- I wanna be your man
Mick hucknall- Nirobi edits- Boss rage
Shantel- goognight amanes
Stone sour- wicked game


Playlist 16.2.12

Flevans- neckbone
Gotye- somebody that i used to know
Aziz Sahmaoui- Maktoube
cayetano- oye muchacho
Shirley Ann - there is a light
Jody Reynolds- black Tarantula
Amparanoia- welcome to tijuana
Prince Fatty- Black powder
Beatles- here comes the sun
Jmelik- cyclothimic chic
Katalyst- day into night
Daytoner and Ben P- little stevie
Fab Samperi- Listen up
Us3- lie cheat and steal

Madleen Kane- Forbiden love
Ananda Shankar- dancing drums
Al Kooper- I cant keep from crying
Skeewiff- man of constant sorrow
K.os- the rain
Alpha blondy- wish u were here
Horance Andy- this dub
Jay dee - plastic dreams
Lee stevens and the beautiful people- riding high
Your hand in mine- calendar
Thievery corp.- lebanese blonde
Daniel Melingo- Narigon dub
Vic Dana - ill wait for you


PLAYLIST 25.1.12

John Legend/Adele-Rolling in the deep (natural self mix)
Stevie Wonder - Masterblaster
Alice Russel- Brown sugar
Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo Barbaro - Look Around The Corner
Inner Circle- Da bomb
Horace Andy - This Dub
Ramsey Lewis- Do what you wanna do
Ocote Soul Sounds- Cumbia de magdalena
Auditors Domination- Viegos Amigos
Cayetano- Russian Soldier
La Caravane Passe- Perdu ta langue
Leonard Cohen- I'm the law
Village Stompers- Washington square
Eric B and Rakim - Paid in full (coldcut mix)
Kojato and the afro latin cougaritas- like a gipsy
Marcia Griffiths- Feel like jumpin Daytoner edit
Sagat- Funk dat
Roots- I will not apologize
Wu tang clan- Wish u were here
Fred williams & the jewels band - tell her
Sibu- Remarriane
Us3- lie cheat and steal
Warren G- regulate
Alborosie- after laughter come tears
Baby Huey- California dreamin
Prince Fatty- up the creek
Sola Rosa- humanised
Slim Moore and the Mar kays- stepping all over me


Few of my best for 2011

Black Keys- Mind eraser
Ocote soul sounds- contigo jamas
Thievery corp.- overstand
Raphael Saadiq- good man
Quantic- sol clap
Gramatik - Break loose
Frenic- alright
Antony Joseph- She is the sea
Gregory Porter- 1960 What? opolopo rerub
Alborosie- After laughter come tears
Myron E and the soul investigators- the pot club
Herma Puma- space to breath
Wildcookie- serious drug
The Bet- who'll pay reparations
C.W Stoneking- the love me or die
Snoop dog- gangsta rookie
Peder- daylight
Pat les stache- funk suprema
Michael Leonhart and the avramina 7- Echo lake
Gulf aid Allstars- it aint my fault nickodemus mix
Mko- Blackface
CunninLynguists- phantasmata
See I - haterz 247
Mighty Mocambos- physique
Frootful- slowtime aol mix
Charles Bradley - the world is going up in flames
Liberators- let it go
Imany- you will never see
Fantastics- Sweet back
Cactus Channel- pepper snake
Alexander - truth

Best of 2011

My best of 2011

My best of 2011

My best of 2011

My best of 2011

My best of 2011

My best of 2011

my best of 2011

My best of 2011

My best of 2011

My best of 2011

My best of 2011

My best of 2011