playlist 19.3.2012

ProleteR - Faidherbe square
chinese man-racing with the sun remix by deluxe
Rose Mitchell- Baby pleaso don't go
billboard selector -souare
Anthony Joseph and the spam band- she is the sea
Carol Cool- upside down
the electric sideshow soundsystem - give me your number
Bost and Bim- Pimp
Am and Shawn Lee- Promises are never far from lies(thievery mix)
Daft Punk- veridis quo
Dj Vadim- soldier
Soon e mc- elucider ce mystere
Dedy dread- psychedelic cloud
Slim Moore and tha mar keys- steppin all over me
Quasamodo and the Q orch.- bollywood man
soul session-Struggles & Blessings (Mo'Horizons Shortstyle Mix)
hawa- dance
Ben l'oncle soul- seven nation army
Lino Cannavacciuolo-Altalena
Gabriel Sullivan & Taraf de Tucson - The Rust, The Knife
Holly Golightly- there is an end
Manjah- my dub is empty
Gary Atkinson- Wanderin soul
us 3- who am i?
John Forte and ValerieccJune-Give me Water

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