Belleruche 270 Stories

Να και το επίσημο δελτίο Τύπου για τους Belleruche. Το αλμπουμ είναι καλό, στο γνωστό "moloko" στυλ του τριο. Δυστυχώς στο αλμπουμ, τουλάχιστον αυτό που έχω στα χέρια μου, δεν συμπεριλαμβάνεται το πολύ καλό cover του Mirror In the Bathroom των Beat που είχε κυκλοφορήσει με το σινγκλ. Το Clockwatching πάντως, τώρα που άκουσα το LP, παραμένει το ωραιότερο τραγούδι του άλμπουμ.
Belleruche 270 Stories
Label: Tru ThoughtsFormats: CD Catalogue No: TRUCD221Barcode: 5060205151032Release date: 11/10/2010 File Under: Soul/Blues/ Electronica*THE FIRST PRESSING OF THIS ALBUM WILL BE IN LIMITED EDITION PACKAGING AT NO ADDITIONAL COST
‘270 Stories’ sees the trio hitting their stride with style, tying together all that is distinctive about their off-kilter mix-up of scratchy beats, bluesy guitar and soulful, honeycomb vocals that we know and love, with the unmistakable vibe of a band pushing forward without pretension, letting their ideas roam free and lead them to a new place. In their own words it is “layered, tougher, more aggressive and possibly at the same time more introspective” than their previous, highly acclaimed, long players.
Singer Kathrin deBoer ups the ante with multi-layered harmonies that see her skirting the line between sugary and spiky, with a distinctly doo-wop style making an appearance on some tracks. . High profile UK 2010 festival bookings including Big Chill, Bestival, Secret Garden Party. Full European and US tour in the works. Plus launch party at Bloomsbury Ballroom on 8th October

01. Fuzz Face
02. Tired Robot
03. Bobby
04. 3 Amp Fuse
05. Cat In A Dog Suit
06. You Me Us Them
07. Shudder &;Cry
08. Clockwatching
09. Ginger Wine
10. Gold Rush
11. Churro

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